Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming?

The difference between normal and mechanical keyboards is pretty significant, especially for gaming. Not all mechanical keyboards are the same, though, and the last thing you want to do is buy something that you might not be happy with. That being said, let me answer your question.

Blue switches are good for gaming, especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard. They are also considered some of the best keyboards for typists because blue switches tend to be the most audible. They also have a slight bump when you start pressing down on any of the keys. Blue switches are popular because of their price to performance ratio.

Now that you know that blue switches are good for gaming let us take a look at some reasons why that is. We will also take a look at some of the features that blue switches offer, along with some drawbacks. At first, I want to talk about the best switches for gaming.

What switches are best for gaming?

So, if you have been looking at blue-switch mechanical keyboards, you are probably interested in seeing how they stack up against other keyboards. While some switches are better than others, they might not be better for you. After reading this section, you should have a better understanding, which will make your decision easier.

Because Cherry MX keyboards are the most popular, we will be talking about those. Not many gaming keyboard manufacturers use switches that aren’t Cherry MX

Because keyboard manufacturers will have the same keyboard with different switch options, it makes it hard to say which keyboard has what switch.

Cherry MX speed silver switches

The first switch I will be talking about is the Cherry MX speed silver. The response time of these switches is unrivaled. The actuation point for the speed silver is 1.2 mm, as opposed to the normal 2mm. The shorter travel times for each key makes the speed silver switch about 35 to 40 % faster than other switches.

Having a faster response time can give you a competitive edge in first-person-shooter games or even third-person-shooters like Fortnite battle royale. Because of how the building and editing work in Fortnite, the Cherry MX speed silver switches will be my first choice for Fortnite.

Cherry MX red switches

The MX red switch is the most popular switch that gets used. It is considered the best Switch for anyone new to gaming or new to mechanical keyboards. The red switch has an actuation point of 2mm and a total travel of 4mm.

The appeal of the red switch is in its smooth feel and ease of use. It offers that middle ground between speed, accuracy, and feel. It is also one of the more budget-friendly switches on the market.

Cherry MX silent black switch

As the name says, this switch is silent, making it perfect for people who often have discord chat open with friends. It is also useful for people with roommates or who live with their parents.

The silent black switch also has a shorter actuation point than most other switches. It has a total travel of 3.7mm, and the actuation point sits at only 1.9mm.

Just because the keyboard is silent, it doesn’t mean that it loses the appeal of a mechanical keyboard. You still get the same type of immersion and feel as you would do on non-silent keyboards.

The blue switch

The blue switch has a travel distance of 4mm, and the actuation point is 2.2mm. As you start pressing a key, you will notice a slight bump. During your first few weeks with a blue switch mechanical keyboard, the bump adds such a good feel to the keys. When the novelty wears off and you start getting used to everything, the bump could become distracting, but that depends on you.

Mechanical keyboards are not just used for gaming. They can be great for work, especially for people who do a lot of typing. The satisfying sound and the feel of the blue switch makes it the favorite for anyone who uses it for work.

Do blue switches get annoying?

As I mentioned above, the blue switch is good for gaming, but that does not mean that it doesn’t have its downsides. The sound that it makes can become slightly annoying and/or distracting.

If you play games with mates and spend a lot of time on discord in chat parties, the sound a blue switch makes can also distract or annoy your mates. The bump on blue switches, while satisfying at first, can start to become a negative after a while of using your keyboard.

What switches do pro gamers use?

If someone gives you a definitive answer to this question, take it with a grain of salt. The truth is, the keyboard a pro uses is not always up to them. Pros have sponsors, and sometimes their team has sponsors.

Even if you remove the aspect of sponsorships, different pros have different tastes and preferences. An example would be two Fortnite pros, Ninja and Tfue. Ninja uses MX brown switches while Tfue uses MX silver.

So, there is no definitive answer to “what switches do pros use?” The best thing you can do is research what keyboard your favorite pro uses.

Should I buy a mechanical keyboard?

Yes, it might take some getting used to at first, but eventually, a mechanical keyboard will make for a better gaming experience. Mechanical keyboards are built specifically for gaming, and they offer more features than normal keyboards.

Difference between Linear and tactile switches

You could search this over and over again without getting an easy-to-understand answer.

Tactile switches, like the blue switches, have a slight bump just before the actuation point. A linear switch, like the red switch, is smooth and doesn’t have that tactile feedback that a bump gives you. Tactile switches also tend to be more audible.

People have different opinions as to which one is best, but in all honesty, it is up to you. I prefer linear switches.

A chart showing the specifications of different switches.

Quick Fact: cN stands for centinewtons, and it describes the force required before a key will start going down. The higher the value, the higher the force required.

Switch colorTactile or linearcNActuationTotal travel
MX REDLinear452.0mm4.0mm
MX BLACKLinear602.0mm4.0mm
MX BROWNTactile552.0mm4.0mm
MX BLUETactile602.2mm4.0mm
MX SILENT REDLinear451.9mm3.7mm
MX SILENT BLACKLinear601.9mm3.7mm
MX SPEED SILVERLinear451.2mm3.4mm

Before deciding what keyboard you want, have a look at this table and think about your playstyle. Also, think about what you want out of a keyboard. This table should help you with your decision.


Blue switches are good for gaming, but that doesn’t mean it is good for you. I have done this article in a way that not only gives you an answer but also helps you make a decision. Bookmark this page and use it while you are shopping around, when you see a keyboard, use the table I made to get a better understanding of the keyboard.

If you get a blue switch mechanical keyboard and use it for gaming, you will not regret it at all, and I guess that is what matters most.

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