Cooling Pads

What cooling pad should you get?

There is such a wide range of cooling pads out there, and you are actually spoilt for choice. So it all depends on your preference.

Cooling Pads come in all different shapes and sizes with different features such as different fan speeds, different RGB lighting, and different pass-through ports.

Note: A pass-through port is a port that allows you to connect a device to your laptop via another device. For example, you connect your cooling pad to your laptop, and it will have USB ports that you can connect other devices to like your keyboard, and that is how a pass-through port works.

The most important thing for you to do is to make sure you get the right size for your laptop. Now, while a cooling pad can be too big and not be a problem, it should never be too small for your laptop because that may cause problems.

Make sure to check the vents of your laptop. While most laptops vents will be on the sides of the laptop, sometimes they are at the bottom. These are extra intake vents designed by the manufacturer, knowing that you will use a cooling pad.

Note: if you see a vent at the bottom of your laptop, they are most probably extra intake vents, designed to work with cooling pads.

Luckily, cooling pads for laptops are generally not expensive. If you consider the price of your gaming laptop, it makes the price of the cooling pad well worth it.

Here are a few of my favorite bang-for-your-buck gaming laptop cooling pads:

MeFee RGB laptop cooling pad

This incredible cooling pad is made for laptops that range from 15.6 inches to 21 inches in size. It has a metal surface for added cooling. RGB lighting with 7 different effects. It has a little LCD interface for seamless customization of the RGB and fan speeds.

It has a built-in phone stand, so you don’t miss any notifications while gaming, and it has a strong ergonomic stand. Most importantly, it has 6 powerful fans to keep your laptop cool.

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Havit RGB laptop cooling pad

The Havit has a metal surface with 3 high-speed fans. The pad supports laptops that range between 15.6 and 17 inches in size. With just one button, you can control the 15 different types of RGB modes. The cooling pad is height adjustable and has extra USB pass-through ports.

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IPOW RGB laptop cooling pad

The pad has 6 adjustable high-speed fans for maximum cooling. The fan speeds range from 1900 to 2900 rpm, depending on what you choose. The 12 different RGB modes can be customized with just one button. It has a nifty little LED screen that acts as a control panel.

The strong ergonomic stand has 7 adjustable heights for comfort. Finally, the pad has two pass-through USB ports. This cooling pad is my favorite amongst the 3 because of its features and price.

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