Can a Modded Controller Get You Banned?

So, you have been using a modded controller, something like a SCUF controller, your skills have increased, and you are dominating in multiplayer. Now you are wondering if using your modded controller is against terms of service. You are scared that you might end up getting banned, don’t worry, I will answer all of your questions.

Using controller mods like the CronusMax can get you banned if you are reported, especially in Fortnite. The tricky part is, the CronusMax is undetectable, so most people get away with it. You will not get banned for using modded controllers like the Xbox “elite.” Sony also has licensed third party companies to sell modded controllers like “Naicon.” SCUF controllers are also perfectly fine.

Using a modded controller is perfectly fine, many people use the SCUF controller and also the Xbox Elite. There is one type of mod that is considered cheating and may one day land you in trouble, but, as it stands, there is no way to detect who is using it. Game developers for Fortnite rely on people being reported. For everything you need to know, keep reading.

The CronusMax and ChronusZen

This mod is a little USB dongle that is connected in between the console and the controller. Using it is considered cheating because of the features it offers. Let’s take a look at some of those features so that we can get a better understanding of why it is considered cheating.

How it works

The USB dongle is first plugged into a computer, from there you download game packs and scripts, you also set up your macros through PC. Software experts write scripts and exploits for each game. When developers close the exploits, new ones get scripted for the Cronus devices.

You install these scripts and exploits through game packs via your PC. I will not be giving a tutorial on how to do this because I do not condone using them.

Aim abuse/aim assist

Aim abuse is as close to aimbot as you will get on console. The way it works is, a script gets written for a certain game, like COD warzone. The script will contain code that gets rid of gun recoil and uses auto ping. It makes staying on your target a lot easier.


Like the name suggests, rapid-fire works by giving you a fast rpm (rate-of-fire) without you having to do anything. It is most notable with semi-auto and burst fire rifles. It spams your trigger at the exact correct moment. Doing this gives you an advantage in terms of “rate-of-fire.”

Can the CronusMax and CronusZen get you banned?

It is unlikely to happen in most games except Fortnite. A Cronus device cannot be detected because it registers as a normal third party controller. You can get noticed by other players who might report you.

If you are reported, and there is sufficient evidence, then you can get banned. Fortnite takes cheating extremely seriously. So, if you are reported for using this mod, chances are, you will get banned.

Side note: Epic games, the creators of Fortnite, takes cheating so seriously that they actually sued a 14-year-old kid. The kid was using cheats and telling his 14k youtube subscribers how to use the cheats.

CronusMax for people with disabilities

Although Xbox does try and make peripherals for people with disabilities, some people turn to the CronusMax. It does help people with missing or broken fingers and also damaged hands.

Using a XIM device

A XIM device allows you to use a keyboard and mouse in games that don’t allow it on a console. It also allows you to circumvent game lobbies that place you in a lobby, depending on your input.

With crossplay, one of the best ways that game developers ensure fairness is by detecting what input a player is using and then placing them in a lobby. The lobby they get placed in will be with other players using the same input.

Using a XIM device will bypass that detection and allow users who are using a mouse and keyboard to be in the same lobby as controller players.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone

Using a mouse and keyboard in a lobby designed only for controller players gives the user an unfair advantage. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone developers minimized this. They designed the game so that, in the same lobby, different inputs would act differently. A controller would still have aim assist and mouse, and keyboard would not.

Why getting banned is so serious

There are different types of bans, some more severe than others. Some games ban you for being toxic in the text chat, like in Rocket League. Some games ban you for using exploits in their code, otherwise also known as a form of hacking. You could get banned for using mods like the CronusMax.

Let’s say you get banned from Fortnite. They could either ban your account or your actual console. If they ban your console, that’s it. You won’t be allowed to play the game on that console at all. The most severe ban that epic games will give you is an IP ban. This means that no device will be able to connect to Fortnite from your house unless you pay lots of money for a stable VPN.

When you get banned, you not only lose all of your progression, but also all of your in-game purchases. You might also lose the ability to play the game in your house regardless of what platform you use, and that is pretty serious.

Using licensed modded controllers

There is a difference between a licensed modded controller or even just a controller that has paddles on the back as extra buttons and a modded controller that uses macros and/or scripts.

These are the best controllers, in my opinion. The list is in no order.

  • The Xbox elite wireless controller
  • The Naicon PS4 Revolution unlimited controller
  • The Razer Raiju
  • SCUF gaming controller

These controllers all have extra buttons at the back. These can be programmed to any button on the controller. This helps you perform tasks easier than on normal controllers.

The reason why these won’t get you banned

These modded controllers allow you to program one button to one of the two or four extra buttons. That is very different to having scripts and macros.

Most professionals use these controllers, with the most popular one being SCUF. So, even in a professional setting, these controllers are not considered cheating and will not get you banned.

My final thoughts

I will never condone cheating, but I will also never tell somebody else what they should or shouldn’t do. The main focus of gaming, in my opinion, is to have fun, and however you choose to do it, that is your preference.

I will say that using illegal mods in games, ruins the fun for people who want to have a few rounds of multiplayer gaming. There is nothing worse than having a good game in Warzone only to be stopped by a hacker/cheater. It just doesn’t feel right.

I do hope that with the upcoming next-gen console, Sony and Microsoft make it impossible to use cheats and hacks. It will just make the industry better for everyone.

If someone is using the CronusMax due to disabilities, then I am just happy that they found a way to keep playing games. I encourage anyone in this scenario to use whatever it is that helps them play because at the end of the day, the more people playing games, the better off the whole community is.

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