Can You Play Rocket League Offline?

Rocket League was launched on July 7, 2015. Since then, it has become a staple in the Esport scene. Playing online, whether you are playing casual or ranked, can be tough. For this reason, people wonder if they can play offline until they get better. Maybe you want to play the game but have no internet connection. So, can you play Rocket League offline?

Yes, you can play the Rocket League offline. People do this when they don’t have access to the internet. They also play offline when they’ve just started playing the game and want to get the feel of the game first. Rocket League has some good content offline, like season’s mode, so you can spend hours having fun offline.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to play Rocket League offline, you have come to the right article. I will go in-depth about the offline modes available and discuss some interesting facts regarding Rocket League.

Is Rocket League fun offline?

This is a very important question. The reason why most of us play any game is to have fun and pass the time. A game’s success is often determined by how fun it is and how it continues to bring players back to the game.

Rocket League offline is fun, especially when you are just starting out with the game. The game modes that offline offers are fun, and it adds a rewarding challenge to the game.

Rocket League Seasons offline

The Season mode is precisely what it sounds like, you and your Ai team play against increasingly difficult Ai opponents. If you win a match, you progress further into the season and hopefully win.

Rocket League offline mutator modes

The mutators modes in Rocket League are there to give you a variety of ways to play. You can adjust the mutators in private online matches as well as offline matches against Ai or your friends. Let’s take a look at the five main modes; Soccar, Hoops, Rumble, Snow-day, and finally, Dropshot.

Rocket League SOCCAR

Soccar is the mode we all know and love. It is also the most popular game mode. You have anywhere from 1 to 4 players per side, all trying to score a goal. It is the ball, the goals, and the players, that’s it. Just try and outsmart your opponents.

Rocket League Rumble

Rumble is one of the more popular modes, but not as popular as Soccar though. The mode was added to the game on September 8, 2016, and the game mode was met with warmth from players.

In Rocket League Rumble, you have special abilities. The abilities are random and have a 10-second countdown. The countdown acts as a cool down, so once you use your randomly assigned ability, you have to wait for 10-seconds to get a new one.

There are a variety of abilities. What abilities do you get in Rumble? let’s take a quick look:

  • Freeze: This ability allows you to freeze the ball in place.
  • Grappling Hook: This ability shoots out a hook, once the hook attaches itself to the ball, it pulls you towards the ball.
  • Boot: This ability kicks opponents sending them flying away.
  • Disruptor: This puts an unlimited auto boost on your selected opponent, which makes their car boost uncontrollably.
  • Plunger: Shoots out a suction cup ( plunger ) that pulls the ball towards you. This ability is great for scoring goals.
  • Haymaker: Shoots out a glove that punches the ball.
  • Power Hitter: Give your car super strength, allowing you to demolish other cars instantly. The ability also hits the ball much harder than usual.
  • Magnet: Turns your car into a magnet that keeps the ball close to you, as long as you don’t drive too fast.
  • Teleport: You select a target opponent, and this teleports both of you, swapping your positions. This is great for removing a goalkeeper from the goals.
  • Tornado: This creates a tornado above your car. You can use it to carry the ball away from opponents or use it against other cars to create havoc.
  • Spikes: This is one of the favorites. You activate the spikes and as soon as you touch the ball, it sticks to your car.

Rocket League DROPSHOT

Ok, take everything you know about Rocket League and throw it out of the window. Dropshot is something completely different from scoring a goal or hoop. This is going to be tricky to explain, but I will try my best.

In Dropshot, the stadium is a big octagon, and there are no goals or hoops. To “score,” the ball needs to fall through the floor on your opponent’s side. The court is divided in half. If your team hits the ball, it will change to the color of your team. While the ball is your color, it can land on your side no problem, if it lands on your opponent’s side, it will damage the floor. Once the floor is damaged enough, it will break, this will create a hole.

Rocket League Snow Day

Snow Day was added to Rocket League in 2015. I was released in order to scratch the itch of hockey players and fans who prefer a game that resembled their sport instead of Soccar.

In Snow Day, everything is pretty much the same as in Soccar except the ball. Instead of a ball, it is now a hockey puck. The puck forces you to adapt to different mechanics, which is actually good training for online play.

Can 2 players play on the same PS4?

For anyone with kids or for anyone that does not play online but wants to play with friends, a split-screen multiplayer is the go-to. Split-screen is the father of multiplayer. It is how we played games with friends for the longest time. Some of us still love the fun that split-screen offers.

Yes, you can play rocket league with 2 players on the same PS4. You can actually play online co-op against other players as well. Rocket League allows for up to 4 players on the split-screen play. Split-screen can be done on PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox.

Do you need Live to play Rocket League?

To play Rocket League offline, you do not need Xbox Live at all. This includes playing local split-screen multiplayer with friends or family.

To play Rocket League online, you do need to be an Xbox Live member. As of writing this article, any game that is played online on an Xbox One requires Xbox Live. That includes games that are free to play.

The fact that you need Live even to play free-to-play games has been controversial for Microsoft. The move is seen as anti-consumer. We can only hope that this changes with the upcoming Xbox series X.

Do you need PS Plus to play Rocket League?

It is the same as with Xbox, offline play does not require PS Plus. Online Play does require PS Plus.

Rocket League is going free to play. Playstation does not require PS Plus to play any free-to-play game. So, when Rocket League goes free-to-play, it is safe to assume that you won’t need Plus to play online.


Sometimes it doesn’t even matter whether we have an internet connection or not, some people prefer offline gaming, and that shouldn’t mean they get excluded from games.

I personally prefer the fact that if you don’t want to jump online, you can still enjoy a game to its fullest. Rocket League does a great job of doing this.

Rocket League provides offline players with more than enough content, so a person does not feel forced into playing online if they do not want to.

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