Can You Use Beats For Gaming?

I have used beats for gaming. There was a period where my gaming headset was broken, and I was waiting for a new pair to be delivered. I have also used other non-gaming-specific headsets, but today we decided to focus on beats as we have been getting asked more questions like this. So, we thought we would answer- can you use Beats headphones for gaming?

Whether the low-end or high-end versions, Beats headsets can be used for gaming whether you are on a PC or console. Beats use a standard headphone jack that you can connect to your PC or your controller. For wireless connectivity, read our step-by-step. Beats do not deliver the same experience as a dedicated premium gaming headset. However, they do the job just fine.

Right, I am sure that the previous paragraph has left you with a few questions, and don’t worry, we plan to go as in-depth as we can in this article. We want to take a look at whether or not Beats have a built-in mic for team play. Then we want to discuss using it on your console as well as a lot more. So, let’s jump straight into it.

Do Beats Have a Built-in Mic?

If you play multiplayer games, a mic is one of your best friends, especially for team play and seamless communication, especially in strategic games such as the upcoming Battlefield 2042, Rainbow Six Siege, and COD. It also helps you out in other games such as Elder Scrolls Online when doing dungeons or battlegrounds. So, do Beats have a built-in mic?

Most Beats headsets do have a mic, whether the headset is wireless or wired. The primary purpose of the mic is so that you can use the headset while on calls. However, the mic does work when you use the headset for gaming which is a cool feature.

Having a mic makes beats an even better option than before if you want to use it for gaming.

Do Beats Work On Xbox and PS4/5?

Console gaming is bigger than it has ever been before. You even have many PC gamers who spend a lot of time on their Xbox Series or PlayStation 5 when they are not gaming on their PC. So, having the ability to use your Beats headset with your PlayStation or Xbox would be a great feature.

You can use your wired or wireless Beats headset on your console. If you are using a wired headset, all you need is a headphone jack to go from your controller to your headset. However, wireless takes a little more effort, and we will discuss how to connect your Beats headset wirelessly further down in the article.

Gamers who use the old Xbox One controllers might struggle without a headphone jack but do not worry. You can use this product:

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter             

How to Use Beats Wireless On PS4 or PS5: 7 Easy Steps

Sony PlayStation usually prefers if you use their first-party headsets for wireless gaming. However, I have seen many people saying that you cannot use a third-party wireless headset, which is false. I have used my AirPods and my Beats headset on a console.

The step-by-step guide in this section is similar to our step-by-step used in our “Are AirPods Good for Gaming?” article. So, this is how to connect your wireless Beats to your PS4 or PS5 in seven easy steps:

  1. Go to your PS4 or PS5 settings.
  2. Click on “Devices.”
  3. Then, Click on “Bluetooth devices.”
  4. If your Beats have never been paired with anything, switch them on.
  5. Otherwise, switch the Beats off, hold down the power/Multifunction button for around five seconds.
  6. Once the blue and red lights start to flash on the Beats, you should see the device pop up on your PS4 or PS5.
  7. Click the Beats option in the PS4 or PS5 menu. If you are asked for a password, it should be 0000.

If you want to use wired Beats headphones, everything becomes a lot more simple. All you do is connect your headphone aux cable to the headphones and the controller. Once that is done,  go into settings and devices to ensure they are connected, but they should work as any other headset would.

How To Use Beats Wireless On Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S

I decided to get an Xbox Series console, and I have been blown away. I have always enjoyed using multiple consoles, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the Xbox One. I have found that the series X and S consoles are phenomenal machines with a great lineup of games.

I recommend using the Xbox Wireless Headset for the Xbox, but if you want to use your Beats in the meantime, here’s how to connect your wireless beats to your Xbox:

You first need a Bluetooth transmitter that connects via a 3.5mm jack. Be careful. Finding one that works with the mic as well is hard.

Once you connect the Beats to the Bluetooth transmitter and then to the controller, your Xbox will pick it up.

Using Beats on PC

PC gamers have it a lot easier when it comes to peripherals. See, even though Beats has a mic, it is not the best. We will discuss the quality of that mic later on. However, PC gamers can easily use a separate headset and a separate boom mic. This makes your voice sound super clear and allows you to do a lot more than just play games.

However, you still don’t get as many features from the headset as with a dedicated gaming headset, such as 7.1 surround sound and much more. Proper gaming headsets are built with priorities in mind. For example, some headsets allow you to hear footsteps a lot easier, and you can pinpoint sounds a lot better than normal headsets.

Again, to connect Beats to your PC, even if they are wireless, is seamless. All you need is to make sure that your motherboard has Bluetooth or a Bluetooth dongle plugged into the USB slot of your PC.

Using Beats For Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is where Beats shine whether you are playing proper mobile games such as pubg mobile, Cod mobile, or other mobile games. However, one of the best things that Beats can be used for is mobile gaming via Xbox cloud streaming.

Connecting your Beats is seamless when doing it via mobile. You can connect wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth, or you can use a wired connection. However, when playing gamepass games over Xbox cloud streaming, everything is seamless, and it is the best use case scenario for Beats in my experience.

Are Beats Good For Gaming?

Now, to answer the real question of this article, how good are Beats headsets for gaming? Well, the answer is quite two-sided.

You will have a great experience using your Beats on PC, mobile, or even console. Still, they do not stack up to dedicated gaming headsets, especially premium ones, because they lack the features and functionality you expect to find in a gaming headset.

Buy Beats

If you are interested in buying Beats by Dre, you can find our favorite pair below. We went for the wireless version because you can use the wired as well.

Beats Solo3 Wireless

  • 40-hour battery life
  • Wireless or wired connectivity
  • Charge for five minutes for 30 hours of playback

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this article. I get genuinely upset with misinformation and when someone says that you cannot use your Bluetooth headphones on console, remember, you can. It requires a little effort, but it is possible.

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