Do Dual Monitors Have To Be The Same Brand?

Using dual monitors is slowly becoming the new normal and not just for work purposes. Being able to have Discord open on one monitor while gaming on the other is just so convenient. You can watch YouTube, browse the web, play a game, all at the same time.

More importantly, dual monitors can give you a more immersive experience. As gamers, immersion can affect our entire experience. So that brings up the question, do dual monitors have to be the same brand?

No, dual monitors do not, or even should not, have to be the same brand. Some gamers might argue that it’s better to have dual monitors of the same brand and model, but this is mainly for aesthetic reasons and comes down to personal preference.

When setting up a dual monitor setup, you should know what you need it for. Are you just trying to have a more convenient setup for gaming? Are you intending on using the monitor’s side by side running the same game? For each of those setups, the recommendations are different.

Continue reading so you can make a more confident and better-informed decision.

Do dual monitors have to be the same resolution?

No, it does not matter if both monitors are the same resolution or not. As long as you have more than one connection port on your graphics card, you will be able to run dual monitors. The power of your graphics card will determine what you can do on both monitors.

The only time you will need a beefy graphics to run dual monitors is, if you plan on using both for gaming at the same time. Otherwise, you just need at least two connections for your monitors.

How to use dual monitors for gaming

There are different ways in which you can use a dual monitor setup when it comes to gaming. You could use one to play games on, or you could use both to run games. Both have their pros and cons, and both might require different monitors.

Using one monitor to run games and the other for different tasks

This is a more budget-friendly option. If this is your reason for wanting a dual monitor setup, then, you don’t need the monitors to be the same at all. When buying two monitors for this setup, you should prioritize the monitor that you will game on.

You could go all out with the gaming monitor and skimp on the second monitor. Let’s say you want to game on a 1440p 144Hz monitor but do not want to buy both, you don’t have to. You could get the 1440p 144Hz screen and just get a normal 1080p 60Hz screen for all your other tasks.

The main Pro for this type of setup is convenience. Say you are playing games like “DayZ” or “Ark,” and the server you are on has a discord server. Being able to have that server open on your second monitor will allow you to interact with other players without having to minimize the game.

If you are playing a game like “The Division,” and you want to know how to min/max your build. Or even if you just want some guidance on your build. Maybe you are stuck on a specific part of the game. You could just open up youtube or chrome on your other monitor and get the help you need while still in-game.

Using a dual monitor setup for games

If you want to run your games on both screens, they do not have to be the same brand, resolution, or even have the same refresh rates. That being said, I highly recommend using the same monitor size, resolution, and refresh rate on both monitors. The brand and model do not matter at all unless it is for aesthetic reasons.

Using two monitors with different refresh rates could have a few negative effects. You could force your screens to use the lowest common denominator, which would render your faster screen pointless. If this does not happen, one of your screens will be noticeably sluggish compared to your faster one.

For a dual monitor setup that is purely for gaming, I do recommend at least making sure of three things. Make sure the size, resolution, and refresh rate match each other.

For the best experience, it is better to get monitors that have thin bezels. The thinner, the better. Slim bezels will increase the immersion and will be less distracting. Having thick bezels can sometimes be distracting, and it looks clunky.

The monitors I use for my dual monitor setup

Down below, I will mention three monitors that I think are great for dual monitor gaming.

The MSI Optix MAG240R is my favorite monitor for a dual monitor setup. It is a 24-inch curved 1080p 144Hz 1ms display with AMD Freesync. The monitor retails at $220 on Amazon, and you can find out more about the monitor HERE. The curve suits a dual setup, and the MAG240R has some seriously thin bezels that will ensure great immersion when gaming.

The DELL S2719DGF is a 27-inch 1440p gaming monitor that has a 155Hz refresh rate. The bezels might not be the thinnest amongst the ones I mention here. The monitor is just so good that I had to mention it. It retails for $399 on Amazon and can be found HERE.

Something a little more budget-friendly is The ASUS VP249QGR. The monitor is a 24-inch 1080p 144Hz 1ms IPS monitor, and it only goes for $159 on Amazon. You can find out more about this monitor HERE.

For business purposes, the Samsung S22R350FHN is a 22-inch 1080p thin bezel IPS 60Hz monitor that can be found on Amazon for only $109. Unless you are in design work or simply just prefer having a bigger monitor, then this monitor is perfect. You can find this monitor on amazon by following this LINK.

Remember, this article isn’t just about gaming. You can also use a dual setup for work. Using the monitors I mentioned for work purposes only, will still give you a smooth experience while doing tasks on your PC. Videos will also look and run great.

Using dual monitors for work

If you are using the setup for work, it really does not matter which monitors you use. I personally use a 27-inch alongside a 24-inch monitor for work, and it is perfect for me. It depends on what work you do. If you are using it for general office work or writing, it should not matter too much.

Will both monitors work even with different connections?

Yes, both monitors will work, even if they use different types of connections. Ideally, you would run both monitors off of a DisplayPort connection. If you cant, then HDMI will work perfectly fine.


Do dual monitors have to be the same brand? NO.  And that is the answer to your main question. Hopefully, we have given you enough information so that you are confident when making your decision.

Having a dual monitor setup has more pros than cons. In fact, I can’t think of any cons, to be honest. The convenience and increase in productivity were enough to get me to fall in love with my setup.

For gaming on both monitors, you definitely want to make sure that your refresh rate, resolution, and size are all the same. If not, you might find that you are limited to the lowest common denominator. While you don’t have to make sure they are the same, it just makes for a better experience.

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