Do You Need A Mic For Twitch?

Streaming is an exhilarating prospect that allows you to share your experiences with the world! If you’re considering it and weighing your options, you must be thinking of what you can do for the best start. It can be nerve-racking to talk on a live stream, but will you be missing out? Do you need a mic for Twitch?

You can stream without a mic if you want to stream for fun, but if you plan on growing your channel, you will need a mic. Viewers who visit Twitch do so for entertainment, community, and to learn how to improve at the game they play, so engaging with the viewers is required to be successful.  

Understanding what has made streamers like Asmongold(bald) and Summit1g and why they have certain practices will improve the chances for your channel to start off on the right foot.  

Do You Need A Mic For Twitch?

You can stream on Twitch without a mic, but shouldyou? There is no official ruling in Twitch’s terms of service that states a mic is needed, but it is not a viable option if you plan to grow your channel. Many viewers visit Twitch because it provides entertainment, community and they want to improve at the game they play.  

Gamers enjoy the sense of community that Twitch can provide because it allows them to bond over a game. Without a mic, you are essentially removing the human aspect of Twitch, reducing it to watching T.V. You probably wouldn’t play a game without sound, so why would someone watch a game without sound?

Do an experiment and switch on your T.V. or favorite series and watch it while it’s muted for ten minutes.  You’re going to be less invested because external factors like noise will attract your attention; you will miss subtle cues that give essential details on what is presently happening or what may unfold and lead to future events.

Without a mic, you will need to type to answer, which requires you to stop playing. Viewers will most likely leave if you miss questions and don’t respond because you’re busy playing. Frequent interaction is vital because it empowers you to build rapport with your viewers, and without viewers, your channel cannot grow.

Many streamers have a persona when they’re streaming, such as with Dr. DisRespect or Asmongold(bald), so if you have a webcam but not a mic, you’re going to be “just another face” streaming. A mic enables you to put a personality to a face and may even net you the opportunity to stream with another famous streamer.

Twitch as a whole has become very saturated, and the competition is fierce. If you don’t plan on growing your channel, then streaming without a mic shouldn’t be a problem. However, a mic is necessary to separate yourself from the crowd. A webcam is less critical, and if you’re a bit shy, get a mic before you get a webcam.

How Does Having A Mic Help Your Stream?

Successful streamers who have a mic will tell you that they wouldn’t be able to go without one. They stress that instant and continuous communication with your viewers is a vital part of their success. When you spend time typing, it tends to slow down the stream’s flow and can contribute to boredom and even annoyance.

Streaming something like a speed run without a mic is practically impossible. If you were to stream a “Let’s Play,” it is not unreasonable to do it without a mic, but you’ll be losing a lot of value from explaining why you are doing certain things. If you learn something good from a viewer, an emotional connection is made and a regular viewer!

Streaming is as much part of “entertainment” as it is “gaming.” As such, a big part of your success will rely on what you’re bringing to the stream – do you pose intriguing questions, make people laugh, or teach and educate them? – a mic puts the power in your hand, whereas not having a mic shift all the power to your gameplay.

What Are the Best Value-For-Money Mics For Twitch?

Zalman ZM-Mic 1 sells for around the low price of $19.97. You won’t easily find a mic with such excellent quality at this price range. It has surprisingly clear audio-recording capabilities, although it picks up background noise quite easily, so you’ll need to use it in a noise-free environment.

Sony ECM-CS3 has a fantastic sound quality for its $16.85 averageprice tag. You can connect it to a computer’s audio, and it even comes with a clip for attaching it to a shirt. It has an omnidirectional pattern that enables it to capture sound from every direction, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you’re streaming in a quiet environment.  

Blue Snowball is a little pricier at around $55.30. It is a step-up from the previous two mics in that it allows you to choose the omnidirectional option (from all directions) or cardioid option (only sounds that come straight from the mic). It connects directly to a computer via its USB port, and you can adjust the height for the perfect streaming position.

Ghost Chat: How Can You Avoid Missing Twitch Chat?

When you’re in the moment and entirely focused on the game you’re playing, you may miss or forget to respond to viewers’ questions. It becomes less of a problem when you’re an experienced streamer, but similar to your U.I. layout in-game, your Twitch layout can make all the difference.

Ghost Chat is free software available on GitHub that allows you to choose any Twitch channel and import the chat directly from Twitch into a new box that overlays whatever is happening on your primary monitor. It downloads and installs easily, and security is not a factor because you don’t have to log in to use it.

It doesn’t show up for your viewers, but it may impact your performance a little depending on your system, and you’ll need to run your game in borderless or windowed mode.  Setting it up only a few minutes, and you can completely customize its background, re-size it and move it wherever you wish.


If you plan to grow your channel, then a mic will ensure viewers can put a personality to a face. If you just want to stream and have a few people swing by once in a while, a mic is not required.


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