Here’s Why Gaming Headsets Keep Cutting Out

This has to be one of the most frustrating things that can happen. We often pay a lot of money for our headsets, and we expect them to work. For more premium brands, we expect flawlessness. Why do gaming headsets keep cutting out? The answer depends on the connection type, brand, setup, and more. Let’s take a quick look at some answers.

  • A wired gaming headset that keeps cutting could mean that the wires and connections of the headset are giving in, or the port that it is connected to is faulty.
  • On a wireless headset, it could either be due to a faulty or low battery.
  • A wireless headset that keeps cutting out on PC could mean the setup was not done properly or a faulty/low battery or wireless signal interference.

For some of these reasons, there are easy fixes, and for some, the fixes might not be worth it. For a wired headset, the fix might require some electrical/engineering skills. Whatever the issue, I will try my best in this article to help you come to a resolution. For everything you need to know, keep reading.

Why does my wireless headset keep cutting out?

There are three main reasons why your wireless headset keeps cutting out.

  1. The first reason could be a low or faulty battery.
  2. The second main reason could be due to a problem with the Bluetooth, either within the headset or your PC.
  3. The third reason could be due to signal interference with the wireless receiver.

Wireless headsets aren’t the only devices that can be affected by interference. I want to quickly talk about one of my experiences so that understanding the problem can be a bit easier.

Whenever I sat in a particular part of my room, my Wifi signal was still full bars on my phone, but I couldn’t use the internet, it was too slow and laggy. It used to drive me nuts. The part of my room that I am talking about was my gaming desk.

One day, I was sitting at my desk, and the Wifi on my phone was perfect. I switched my PS4 on to get ready for a Rocket League session and bam; the internet stopped working.

I thought, hang on a minute, is my PS4 the problem? It was not. I found out that it was the PS4 controller. The problem was, the PS4 controller’s Bluetooth runs on the 2.4GHz frequency, the same as my Wifi. This caused signal interference.

When I figured out the problem, I solved it by connecting my PS4 controller to the console via cable, and, just in case, I switched to the 5GHz Wifi frequency on my phone. The problem never came back.

So when I experienced a problem with my wireless PC headset, I almost instantly knew what to do.

Before you decide to throw the pair of headsets away and buy new ones, there are some things that you can try, and hopefully, you can solve the problem and save some time and money.

Solutions for wireless headsets that keep cutting out

  • First, you want to test the battery. Make sure your headset is fully charged. Most wireless headsets have a way for you to check the charge of the battery. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do if the battery is the problem. Through personal experience, I have found that when components like batteries start giving in, the cycle of issues can become endless.
  • Next, you want to check the Bluetooth of both your PC and headset. Try connecting other devices to your PC, and if they experience problems, you most probably have a problem with your PC. Try downloading the latest drivers on your PC.
  • Finally, if you have a wireless headset with its own wireless receiver, you want to make sure that there is no interference. The most likely cause for interference will be if you have a wireless controller or an external hard drive. Unplug all your wireless devices, only leaving in the headset. If it works, plug everything back in one by one to see what the problem is. If it was the issue, try to keep the headset receiver away from the rest of the stuff.

One last thing that you can try is to change the channels on your wireless router. Maybe, as it was a problem for me, it could be a problem for you. If you are uncomfortable changing your Wifi channels, phone your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and they should guide you through it.

If all this fails, it is unfortunate to say, but you might have to check if you have a warranty on the headset and if so, if it’s still under warranty.

Wired headset keeps cutting out

If you are having a problem with your wireless headset, the problem is a lot simpler to find then on a wireless one. Before we start, I just want you to be honest with yourself. Did you rage? Did your headset start giving problems after the rage? If not, well done, let us try to find the problem.

  • The wires are giving in. Unless you have some electrical skills, you would have to take this to a professional to have sorted. I don’t believe that fixing the wires is the best solution if you can afford a new pair. I have found that once you have to repair the wires, it is never the same.

Again, I will grace you with a personal story that involves Fifa, a Turtle Beach headset, and one of the finest rages you have seen since KSI’s FIFA days. I don’t rage when playing games, I usually just have fun, even at times when I feel a little extra competitive. This one time, though, I was playing FIFA ultimate team weekend League.

I needed one win for Elite 2, I was winning 2-1, and my opponent scored two rebound goals in the last 5 minutes, he shushed me. I lost it, and my headset paid the price. My headset broke. More specifically, the jack bent to a point where one of the poles snapped.

If your jack breaks, you can actually get a new one and have it connected to your headset. The problem is, you need the right jack. Each headset is different, so you will need to take it to someone who knows what they are doing. This type of fix is inexpensive and is worth it.

  • For USB wired headsets, you want to make sure what the problem is. Check the port that you are connecting it to, and try the same port with other devices. If they work, then you know that it is not the USB port. Next, connect the headset to a different device or port if you have one. If the problem persists, you know that it is the headset.


It really isn’t cool when you are in the middle of a match, having a conversation with your mates when all of a sudden, your headset cuts out. It is worse if it keeps happening, and I think it is enough to make a person rage.

Remember to check all possibilities before throwing away your headsets and getting new ones. Please also remember that if you feel like you are about to rage, you are probably going to end up paying for it, as I did.

Hopefully, this article gave you enough advice for you to be able to find the problem and then the solution to your headsets.

David Sacks

I have worked in the IT industry since 2011 and have been an avid gamer my whole life. My first consoles were the sega genesis and the Nintendo SNES. I play both console and PC games, I love both. I decided to become combine my passion for gaming with my passion for writing.

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