Is A Wireless Keyboard Good For Gaming?

Wireless gaming keyboards used to have a bad reputation. Now, most people who work on a PC will use wireless peripherals because they don’t need instant response times. But today, I want to look at modern wireless gaming keyboards and whether or not they are any good for gaming.

A premium wireless keyboard will give you practically the same response time as a wired keyboard. Obviously, cheaper options will have more latency, but premium brands like Razer and Logitech offer lower than one millisecond response times. This makes wireless gaming keyboards perfect.

There is a lot that we need to discuss regarding wireless gaming keyboards because I believe that they have an unfair reputation that has been shaped by their past and not by what they currently offer. So, if you are considering a wireless gaming keyboard, keep reading this article.

Different Types Of Wireless Keyboards

I have added this section first to point your attention to this fact as quickly as possible. If you consider getting a wireless keyboard for gaming, you must understand that not all wireless keyboards are the same, and there are some noticeable differences. There are three main types of mechanical keyboards:

  • 2.4GHz RF (Radiofrequency)
  • Bluetooth
  • IF (Infrared)

Now, manufacturers such as Razer, MSI, Logitech, and Corsair use their own proprietary wireless receiver. It is imperative to look at getting a wireless keyboard that uses RF. Companies typically have more control over how the keyboard utilizes this technology than they do with Bluetooth.

We will discuss input latency further down in this article. For now, I want to explain why you should avoid Bluetooth wireless keyboards. Companies like razer build their own proprietary receivers because they can use technology to limit the amount of latency.

If you see that a wireless gaming keyboard uses BlueTooth, don’t dismiss the keyboard immediately. Instead, try to see if they also use RF. In many cases, wireless keyboards will use both. They do this in case you lose your RF receiver.

Wired Vs. Wireless Keyboard: Which Is Best?

Each keyboard will be better than the other, depending on the user’s preferences. If you prefer instant response times, then a wired keyboard is best for you. Look, the latency of wireless keyboards is imperceivable. However, I understand that some people want the best response times.

If you value convenience, I recommend going with a wireless keyboard. You don’t have to deal with the clutter that cables create, and you also don’t have to worry about the cable breaking, although you will have to deal with batteries. See our pros and cons table.

Wireless Keyboards Pros And Cons

We don’t need to draw a pros and cons list for wired keyboards because we aren’t trying to make a case for them in this article. Instead, we are trying to show you why wireless keyboards might not be as bad as you think. So, here is a pros and cons list for wireless keyboards.

Wireless Keyboard: PROSWireless Keyboard: CONS
No cable clutter.Needs to be charged
Move the keyboard around with ease.Latency (imperceivable)
No worries about breaking cables. 
Wireless receivers are discreet. 

It is important to note that the batteries that wireless keyboards use last a significant amount of time. It’s not like you will have to change the batteries every few days—instead, they last months at a time. Also, you can use rechargeable batteries and swap them out when you have to.

Again, the latency is imperceivable. We have to add it in the con section, but you shouldn’t worry about the latency if you are not a competitive gamer.

Do Wireless Keyboards Affect Gaming?

Five years ago, yes, wireless keyboards would have negatively affected your gaming. This is especially true for online first-person shooters that are incredibly competitive and where every millisecond counts.

However, as we are entering 2022, wireless keyboards do not affect your gaming as of writing this article. You can be sure that you will not be at a disadvantage with a premium gaming keyboard from either Razer, Corsair, or a few other brands.

Do Wireless Keyboards Have Lag?

Lag or latency is a funny thing. Many companies will advertise that their product has no lag and whether or not that statement is ever true can come into question. This is true for wired or wireless peripherals.

Yes, there is lag when using wireless keyboards. However, the lag is imperceivable. Premium gaming keyboards have 1ms of lag. To put that into perspective, the lowest your monitor has is also 1ms.

Many people don’t know that every input device has lag. If you look at consoles, you can be affected with up to 70 milliseconds of lag, even in a single-player game. That is because from your input device to the console then to the TV, there is lag.

While the difference is much smaller with computers, the same logic exists. From your input device to the PC and then to your monitor, you will encounter lag. So, adding one millisecond to that with a wireless keyboard is imperceivable.

Can You Use A Wireless Keyboard On Console?

I am a PC Gamer; however, I also enjoy gaming on consoles. I play on Playstation and Xbox. I was blown away the first time I played Warzone on the console with a mouse and keyboard. The experience was the same as it is on PC.

With so many games going crossplay, being able to use your mouse and keyboard on a console is essential. So, we are glad that you can do it. And yes, that includes wireless gaming keyboards.

A quick side note about crossplay: I am a massive advocate for it because it increases the player base for games by not keeping them separate. Doing this means the waiting time is less for matchmaking, and you are less likely to stumble across pro players on your platform. Mostly, I am excited for battlefield 2042 because many of my friends are on Xbox series X, and I’m on PC.

How To Use A Wireless Keyboard On PS4 Or PS5

If your wireless keyboard comes with a receiver, all you have to do is plug that receiver into your console, and it should automatically detect it, and you can start playing. If it does not plug and play, you will need to follow the steps in this section.

If your wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth, here’s how to connect it to your PS4 or PS5 in 11 easy steps:

  1. Make sure that the keyboard has batteries in it.
  2. If your keyboard has a receiver, plug it into a USB slot on the console.
  3. Turn on the keyboard.
  4. Check for a pairing button on the keyboard.
  5. On your PlayStation, go to settings.
  6. Click on “Devices”
  7. You should see a “BlueTooth Devices” option; click it.
  8. The keyboard should show up on a list that includes your controller. Click on the keyboard option.
  9. If you also have a mouse, click that as well.
  10. Test the keyboard.
  11. Enjoy your games.

How To Use A Wireless Keyboard On Xbox One And Series X/S

For Xbox, there is no step-by-step tutorial because it’s relatively simple. If your wireless mouse and keyboard do not come with a receiver, you will not be able to connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth because Xbox does not support this; they never have, and we can’t see a future where they will. I could be wrong, though.

So, if your wireless mouse and keyboard come with their proprietary receiver, plug it into the Xbox, and it will automatically pick up the mouse and keyboard. You should be good to go. There will be no perceivable lag, and you will be able to play Warzone, battlefield 2042, and even Fortnite against and with your PC buddies.

Do Pro Gamers And Streamers Use Wireless Keyboards?

Wireless keyboards certainly are becoming more popular within the streaming and professional gaming communities. However, professional gamers use very specific keyboards. They use a mechanical keyboard that utilizes silver speed switches.

Professional gamers, along with their speed switches, tend to prefer wired keyboards. That does not mean that they think wireless keyboards are bad. A pro needs to eliminate as much latency from their setup. So, to some professionals, 1ms is still too much.

See, professionals earn a living from what they do. Unless you make a living, you will probably never feel the difference between a mechanical wired keyboard and the mechanical wireless keyboard. So, keep that in mind.

Wireless Keyboards: Our Top Picks

Now that we have discussed in depth whether or not you should get a wireless keyboard, I think it is time for me to give you my top picks. This list takes into account my experience with the keyboards as well as other people’s experiences. Let’s get into it with our top 4 wireless gaming keyboards.

Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Logitech separates itself from most other gaming brands. See, they develop office and gaming products which means their research and development is tied to both categories. The outcome is premium-grade gaming peripherals, and with the G915, they have knocked it out of the park.

My Favorite Logitech G915 TK features:

  • Lightspeed 1ms response time
  • 40-hour rechargeable batteries
  • Mechanical speed switches
  • Dedicated media controls

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard

You get different iterations of the BlackWidow series, and then you get different versions of those iterations. The BlackWidow V3 has a mini, a Phantom, and a regular version. The mini has no Numpad, and neither does the Phantom, except the Phantom has much smaller writing on the keys. This keyboard is phenomenal for any serious game out.

My favorite BlackWidow V3 Features:

  • Razer Chroma integration with over 150 games
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Multiple connection options
  • Razer Hyperspeed technology for fast response times

CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard

I have stated numerous times on this blog that Corsair is one of my favorite gaming brands. I use a lot of their products, from peripherals to even the hardware in my PC. Corsair is known for its quality, and the K57 wireless gaming keyboard is no exception. It is fast, looks good, and is durable.

My favorite K53 wireless gaming keyboard features:

  • Less than 1ms response time
  • Programmable macros are great for MMORPGs
  • Corsair RGB software is excellent for the per-key RGB
  • Long-lasting battery

Redragon K599 Wireless/Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I wanted to add a budget option to this list but let me tell you, Redragon is making a few splashes in the gaming industry. Their products work, and they look good. Also, they don’t break the bank. To get a mechanical keyboard at this price, never mind a wireless mechanical keyboard, is still crazy to me.

My favorite Redragon K599 features:

  • Choose between wired or wireless modes
  • Up to 60-hour battery life
  • The price
  • 19 programmable RGB modes and effects

Final Thoughts

Most gaming peripherals don’t lose much of their value, at least for the first few months. So, if you have wanted to try a wireless keyboard, perhaps because you want a minimalist-looking setup, I say go through it. You will probably end up enjoying it, and maybe you won’t switch back. You could always resell the keyboard if you are not happy.

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