Is i7 Necessary For Gaming?

Intel Core i7s are high-end processors designed for high-performance computers. The Intel Core i7s are at the top of the Intel commercial CPU hierarchy, behind only the more costly Intel Core i9s. However, the critical question is whether the Core i7 is necessary for Gaming?

The general consensus is that a Core i7 CPU is overkill for most games, especially if you get the newest Gen i7 CPUs. Since current CPU development begins to grow into core numbers rather than single-core performance, an increasing number of games make needless use of multiple cores.

Don’t get me wrong: if you’ve already invested in an i7, it doesn’t imply it’s a complete waste of money, as it has so many perks and advantages over i5 CPUs outside of the gaming aspect. As a result, it’s all about the cores, and for peak performance on AAA games, that is where i7 processors get the spotlight. So, why pick a Core i7?

Why Pick The i7 For Gaming?

When you want to play and stream your games simultaneously on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, an Intel Core i7 from the latest generation (or better) is genuinely justifiable for Gaming.

When streaming your game, you must guarantee that your CPU has enough power to run the game at high graphics settings and that it can encode your broadcasts for internet users.

Encoding is one of the most strenuous tasks a CPU can undertake, and a slow CPU can significantly reduce your FPS, stream quality, or both.

Newer generations of CPUs result in tiny boosts in FPS, particularly in terms of 1% lows for titles that can take advantage of parallel processing. Still, it is not noticeable in most games. Streamers are especially interested in the extra cores since they can aid in the smooth uploading of footage for streaming.

Instead, most customers choose an i7 for ‘future-proofing,‘ whether it’s for eight cores, for hyperthreading, or both.

The extra expenditures aren’t worth it right now. Still, many tech experts believe that games will grow better at utilizing more cores and threads in the future, so the investment now might pay off later.

It isn’t sure, and the significant price increase should be considered, but the peace of mind may be worth it for many people.

Which I7 Processor Is Good For Gaming?

You should check the system requirements for the game you want to play. Take its suggested CPU and look at its Cinebench R20 and Passmark scores to discover how much processing power it takes.

It would direct you to the appropriate CPU for your gaming needs. In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem.

If you have the budget, avoid CPUs that are more than a couple of generations old. A future-proof CPU is preferable to a less expensive older CPU that may become outdated in a few years.

Multi-Core Vs. Single-Core Performance

There is a widespread belief that the more cores a CPU has, the better it is. While this is typically true, the benefit of a CPU with many cores will only be noticeable if it is used to its full extent. That all depends on the software you’re using and the game you’re playing.

Single-core games are well-known in the gaming world. In other words, they benefit more from a CPU with good single-core performance rather than multi-core performance.

It is especially true for popular online games like CS: GO and World of Warcraft, which are intended to use fewer cores because most gamers do not have a high-end CPU.

Simply told, if a game is intended to use four cores at most, a CPU with six cores or more will not help it much. As a result, while an Intel Core i7-11700K may offer good multi-core performance on paper, it may be underutilized if a game doesn’t take full advantage of it.

CPU Requirements For Popular Online And Esports PC Games

These are frequently designed to be played by the public and are relatively light on hardware. It is an excellent illustration of what you may anticipate from future MMO-style and co-op games. Each processor has a corresponding pass mark.

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
CS: GOIntel Core 2 Duo E66002 Core and 2 ThreadsPassmark: 873Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5700 3GHzPassmark 1010
MinecraftIntel Core i3-32102 Cores and 4 ThreadsPassmark: 2061Intel Core i5-46904 Cores and 4 ThreadsPassmark: 5583
RobloxSingle CoreSingle Core
League of Legends3.0 GHz3.0 GHz Dual Core
Rocket League2.5 GHz Dual Core3.0+ GHz Quad Core

If you want to play online and popular eSport games, an Intel Core i7, especially those from the 7th generation onwards, is an OVERKILL.

CPU Requirements For AAA Titles

AAA games are demanding, and they tend to push your technology to its limits. As a result, these games would better indicate whether or not a Core i7 is required.

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Cyberpunk 2077Intel Core i5-3570K4 Cores and 4 ThreadsPassmark: 4915Intel Core i7-47904 Cores and 8 ThreadsPassmark: 7213
Resident Evil VillageIntel Core i5-75004 Cores and 4 ThreadsPassmark: 6061Intel Core i7-87006 Cores and 12 ThreadsPassmark: 13080
Assassin’s Creed ValhallaIntel Core i5-44604 Cores and 4 ThreadsPassmark: 4796Intel Core i7-67004 Cores and 8 ThreadsPassmark: 8056
Watch Dogs LegionsIntel Core i5-44604 Cores and 4 ThreadsPassmark: 4796Intel Core i7-77004 Cores and 8 ThreadsPassmark: 8621
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020Intel Core i5-44604 Cores and 4 ThreadsPassmark: 4796Intel Core i5-84006 Cores and 6 ThreadsPassmark: 9216

A Core i7 makes more sense for AAA games. The newest generation Core i7s, on the other hand, are still overkill.

The majority of first-person shooters and role-playing games do not need a large core count. As a result, you might be better off saving up for an Intel Core i5 and putting your money towards an excellent graphics card instead.

Only strategy and simulation games, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, may benefit from a new generation Core i7 CPU right away. However, through many forums, I have found that the Intel Core i7-9800X with eight cores and 16 threads is the optimum official requirement for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Furthermore, strategic games like Ashes of Singularity are infamous for consuming CPU power to benchmark newer CPUs. City-building games like Cities: Skylines are another game that can benefit from the latest Intel Core i7 processors.


CPUs will always play a significant role within your PC in general; however, an i7 is not ultimately necessary at all for most online and competitive eSport Gaming. If you use your rig for other things, including Gaming, streaming, and programming, an i7 would be ideal.

With that said, if you do want the best overall performance in AAA games like Cyberpunk 2077 and flight simulator, an i7 would be the best fit but still renders the latest generation of Core i7s as overkill.


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