This Is Why Gaming Keyboards Have Lights

Without a doubt, and as obvious as it may seem, keyboards are among the most important peripherals for computers. The type of keyboard that you have can determine a lot of things regarding your gaming experience. With all of that being said, why do gaming keyboards have lights? Well, let’s take a look.

The lights found on gaming keyboards are known as RGB. The reason why gaming keyboards have RGB is that not only do they look cool, but they help you when you play In the dark. Also, the lighting on gaming keyboards helps you show off your personality with all the customization available.

In this article, we will take a look at the three main reasons why gaming keyboards have lights. We will also discuss whether or not non-gaming keyboards have lights, why do office keyboards have lights, and finally, we will discuss what RGB is. So, for everything you need to know, keep reading.

4 Reasons Why Gaming Keyboards Have RGB

We have already established that the lights in a gaming keyboard are actually RGB. Now we will get into the meat of this article by talking about why gaming keyboards have RGB. More specifically, we are going to give you three reasons why this is.

These 4 reasons are:

  • They look cool
  • They show off your unique personality
  • It helps you play in the dark.
  • It makes the keyboard stand out.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about each of these reasons in a little bit more depth. The last on this list is the most interesting to speak about. This is because when I say “stand out,” I don’t mean stand out as a gaming keyboard; I mean something else. So, let’s get into it.

Looks Cool

So we have to be honest for a second, a gamer’s setup is extremely personal. It is a reflection of their personality. Well, at least that’s how I feel about my setup. Some setups cost a lot of money, while others take a lot of time to build up and perfect. Actually, in most cases, it is both of these.

You can make your setup look seriously cool with just a few RGB strips in your PC case. It can also be in your peripherals such as your mouse, keyboard, and even mouse pad. Even just a little bit of lights on your keyboard can look amazing in the right lighting.

Also, the RGB lighting adds to this personalization, and it goes beyond the keyboard. You can have the lighting in almost every component of your setup, even on your walls. With RGB keyboards, you can customize so much that even if everybody has RGB keyboard setups, you can personalize yours to reflect your personality and individuality.

Shows Your Personality

Some gaming keyboards offer more features than others when it comes to the RGB. However, in general, they all allow for customization, but this customization can vary. Let us take a look at it at the lowest level all the way up to the most premium keyboards.

On an RGB gaming keyboard, you can customize the RGB to be a certain color. Then you can customize certain sections of the keyboard, and eventually, you can customize each and every single key to be a different RGB color.

Once you have selected the colors of your keys, you can then start to select the pattern or how the colors are displayed on the keyboard. For example, you could have a Mexican wave or a keyboard where the RGB colors pulsate in and out across the entire keyboard. Lastly, you can have the colors spiral in or outwards.

There is a lot more than you can do with these patterns. For example, you could have the keys light up only when you press the key, which is quite cool, actually.

Makes Playing In The Dark Easier

Some gamers enjoy playing games in the dark. It can make the games feel more immersive. With that said, there are also few games where it is recommended that you play in the dark, and having LED lights on your keyboard makes things a whole lot easier.

When you are playing a fast-paced multiplayer game, and you press the wrong button once, it could be the difference as to whether or not you win either the fight or the match.

So, having LED lights and RGB lights on your keyboard makes a massive difference. They can help you play games in the dark.

Helps Gaming Keyboards Stand Out

So, RGB lights help keyboards stand out from regular keyboards. It is not just about that, though. There is a lot more to it than that.

Gaming keyboards use features in the RGB lights that help them stand out from other gaming keyboards. When you see a Razer keyboard light up, it’s almost obvious what keyboard you are looking at. The same can be said with Corsair and others. The lights can be part of a brand’s identity.

The gaming keyboard market is becoming saturated. You have entry-level to advanced level gaming keyboards, and you have many manufacturers trying to compete. So, using RGB as a way to stand out is almost essential in today’s market.

Do Non-gaming Keyboards Have Lights?

Non-gaming keyboards do also have lights. However, you can’t really compare them to RGB as they are just plain lights. It is generally a solid led strip that shines through the keys.

The light is normally fluorescent blue or white in color. Its sole purpose is there to help people type in badly lit rooms.

You will notice that most laptops actually have a backlit keyboard. This is because oftentimes, we take our work laptops with us and you never know when you will be in a situation where you need to do some work and you don’t have good lighting.

Why Do Office Keyboards Have Lights

When you are working in an office, one of your main goals is to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. In a way, having a backlit keyboard can increase productivity not only for when you are in a badly lit area.

Another thing to consider is that offices won’t often get the cheapest option when it comes to peripherals. They also won’t go for the most expensive like gaming keyboards. What they will tend to do is go for mid-level equipment.

Most mid-level keyboards whether they are for the office or for gaming will have lights and this is also another contributing factor as to why office keyboards have lights most of the time.

What Is RGB?

The RGB lighting is basically just a set of LED lights that use Red Green and Blue to reproduce almost any other color in the color spectrum. I know right, it’s actually a lot simpler than a lot of people would try and make it sound. An easy way to remember this is, RGB stands for red, green, and blue.

What Is The Difference Between RGB And RGB-W?

Although red, green, and blue can produce almost any color in the color spectrum, it does struggle to make a few. One of these colors is white.

While the three colors do produce a color that looks almost white, those that want a true white will have to get RGB-W. The W stands for white.

The addition of the fourth color also gives you more control over how your RGB works. Again, it is that simple.


That brings us to the end of this article. Hopefully, you can walk away from it knowing everything you need to know about why gaming keyboards have lights. Also, I hope my simple explanation of what RGB is was helpful and now you should know what RGB is and why keyboards have them.

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