What To Do If You Can’t Change Sensitivity In Fortnite

On September 26, 2017, Epic Games launched their massive hit game Fortnite Battle Royale. The game is a spin-off of the original Fortnite game called Fortnite Save The World, which launched on July 25, 2017. Both games are immensely popular, and players are trying to get the best possible setting to get a competitive edge. If you can’t change your sensitivity, don’t worry, I have you covered.

To change your sensitivity in Fortnite Battle Royale and Save The World. Go to Menu >> Settings >> Go to the controller or mouse and keyboard options, depending on your input >> Go to sensitivity and select “Advanced Options” >> Select your preferred sensitivity.

See, not so difficult, right? There should be no reason why you cannot change sensitivity. Maybe, you just haven’t been looking for the correct settings? If you really still cannot change your sensitivity or you want to know more like, what is the best sensitivity, keep reading. This article will go in-depth on this topic.

Why can’t I change my sensitivity on Fortnite

Try this:

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Settings
  3. Go to the controller or mouse and keyboard options depending on your input
  4. Go to sensitivity and select “Advanced Options”
  5. Select your preferred sensitivity

This works for Battle Royale and Save the World.

If you have tried this method and still can’t manage to change your sensitivity, there is only one thing I can think of. Are you using a third party adapter like a CronusMax? Or maybe a gamepad to mouse and keyboard adapter? That would be the only reason that I can think of.

You do not need to use those adapters in Fortnite on console because the game supports native mouse and keyboard, but we will get into that a little later in the article.

How do I find my perfect sensitivity in Fortnite console

Well, this depends. Are you using a controller or mouse and keyboard? And it depends on you. We spoke about how to change your settings, but in order to find the right sensitivity for you it will require some trial and error.

I recommend going into creative or playgrounds, find a sensitivity that you feel might be good, play around a bit, and then start dropping into matches.

I want you to remember that if it feels good, but you aren’t playing as well as before, give it some time. Our brains and muscle memory takes time to adapt, even if it is adapting to something that is better than before.

How does sensitivity affect the game

Sensitivity is different for everyone, and there is a misconception that people who use higher sensitivity on consoles are “better gamers.” This is far from being true. It all depends on the person and the game.

I want to give you an example using Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty on a console. On Battlefield 4, I have my controller density at almost maximum. My friends have tried and said they couldn’t play like that.

On the game Call Of Duty, specifically Black Ops 4, my one friend plays with his sensitivity at almost maximum. I tried copying his sensitivity, and I couldn’t play like that.

See, not everything is as linear as it seems on paper. Every game is different, and every gamer is different. If you are a competitive person, finding the right settings for you might take time, but it is worth it.

Fortnite sensitivity on mouse and keyboard

Changing your sensitivity on a mouse and keyboard is the same as doing it on a controller. One big difference is that most gaming mice have an in-built setting called DPI. This stands for Dots-Per-Inch. It relates to how much your mouse moves on the screen relative to how much you physically move your mouse. Basically, it is like an in-built sensitivity setting.

Most gaming mouse brands have software where you can adjust the DPI settings. Once you have done that, you assign the setting, and most gaming mice have a button that lets you toggle between 1, 2, or 3 presets.

Once you have your DPI settings sorted, you can adjust your Fortnite settings. Once you have done all of this, you should have your Fortnite sensitivity settings and can adjust your DPI on the fly, in-game. It is perfect for when you want to snipe; simply lower the DPI quickly, and you will have a more steady shot. When you decide to switch away from the sniper, flip your DPI back.

Fortnite pros sensitivity

Ok, so you have decided to try out the same settings as the pros, It is not a terrible idea, but you need to remember that pros are different from most people. I recommend trying it out, but don’t beat yourself up if it does not work out.

Ninja and Tfue Fortnite sensitivity

One of the most well known Fortnite players is Ninja. His building, editing, and aiming skills are some of the best, and it has captured audiences, including kids, adults, other pros, and the mainstream media. Why wouldn’t you want to try out his settings?.

Another well-known pro is Tfue. He used to be on the Faze team until he had a fallout in terms of his contract. Tfue arrived on the Fortnite scene just after Ninja, and there is a friendly, subtle rivalry between each of their fans. Tfue is a master of the “box fighting technique,” which means his editing skills are incredible. Again, why wouldn’t you want to try his setting?

Fortnite Pro Settings

Sens Y10.0%7.0%
Sens X10.0%10.0%
Targeting Sens70.0%30.0%
Scoped Sens55.0%30.0%
Polling Rate1000Hz1000Hz

As you can see, they are two of the best players in the world, and their settings are so different from each other.

How do I aim better in Fortnite

The first thing you need to do is find settings that you are comfortable with. Then, when you are actually in-game, try not just to hold down the mouse or trigger button; instead, try feather the mouse or controller trigger.

Feathering the trigger will reduce recoil and give you better control of your aim. Learning this technique will not take long, and once you are used to it, you should notice some significant changes, not just any changes, but positive ones.

What DPI is best for gaming

Again, this depends entirely on you, but I can say that anything between 400 and 800 DPI is good. You just need to find where between those two numbers is best for you. Another piece of advice that I can give is, sometimes it is better to have a DPI of 800 and lower sensitivity than it is to have 400 DPI with high sensitivity.

That is just my personal preference though.


There is no reason that I can think of as to why you would not be able to change your settings on Fortnite. Maybe you just needed to know where to do it. The only reason I can think of is that you are using illegal devices. Even then, I highly doubt it.

Preferences are very different for every gamer. We see things and react to them differently. We have different combinations of skills. You might be good at building and editing, so you would want the best settings for that. You might be better at shooting, so you need the best settings that suit you.

Play around with your settings and don’t feel bad if they don’t work out, you will find what’s best for you eventually. Hopefully, that comes soon so you can wreck as many noobs as possible.

David Sacks

I have worked in the IT industry since 2011 and have been an avid gamer my whole life. My first consoles were the sega genesis and the Nintendo SNES. I play both console and PC games, I love both. I decided to become combine my passion for gaming with my passion for writing.

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