Are Gaming Keyboards Faster?

Playing games on a normal, non-gaming keyboard is fun, but once you switch to a gaming keyboard, it is hard to go back. Gaming keyboards are built for gamers, obviously. Because they are built for gamers, they often perform better. Even if you take performance out of the equation, gaming keyboards are more comfortable.

In my experience, gaming keyboards are faster than non-gaming keyboards. Even a membrane gaming keyboard feels faster than a normal membrane keyboard. You also get some mechanical gaming keyboards that are built specifically for faster response times and better accuracy.

Not all gaming keyboards are the same. A keyboard can be built with different switch types, such as membrane or mechanical switches. Then, you have to break it down further to different types of mechanical switches. All of them have their own features and response time. For everything you need to know, keep reading.

What is the fastest gaming keyboard

As of writing this article, the fastest gaming keyboard that we know of is the SteelSeries Apex Pro. The Apex Pro is a revolutionary step forward for gaming keyboards. We have to give credit to SteelSeries for what they have achieved with their new switches. The SteelSeries Apex Pro is a mechanical gaming keyboard.

SteelSeries Omnipoint switches

The Omnipoint switch has an actuation point of only 0.4mm. This gives it a response time of 0.7ms. It is not all about the actuation point. The switch only has a cN of 45. cN stands for Centinewton, and it refers to the force required before something starts moving. Not all, but most keyboards have a cN of 60, so the force required is higher.

The Omnipoint switch is also adjustable so it can be adjusted to your preference; it can be adjusted to feel comfortable for almost anyone who uses it. You can adjust the actuation point anywhere from 0.4mm all the way to 3.6mm, giving you absolute freedom.

Do we recommend this keyboard? Absolutely yes, SteelSeries have outdone themselves on this one. The SteelSeries Apex Pro retails for $199 on Amazon and can be found here.

Does a keyboard affect gaming

Yes, keyboards do affect gaming. The keyboard that you choose can have a massive impact on your play style. The impact is amplified when you bring mechanical keyboards into the equation.

Membrane gaming keyboards

For anyone who wants a gaming keyboard, but is on a budget, a normal membrane gaming keyboard is perfect for you. Some people also prefer membrane keyboards, and they aren’t always the cheapest.

A membrane keyboard is your most common keyboard. The membrane keyboard works like this: there is one circuit board that separates the keys with outlines. The keys are activated by pressure. On the circuit board, there is a mat, and this mat has bubbles for each key. Each bubble has a conductive material so that when it makes contact with the board, it activates the key.

Because membrane keyboards are the most common, you have probably used them before. The difference between a gaming and a non-gaming one is the efficiency of the process. So, a gaming keyboard like this will feel a lot more responsive.

Non-mechanical gaming keyboards also often separate themselves by having a nice little touch of RGB goodness. We all love a little bit of RGB every now and then even if we don’t always admit it.

Because of its process, these types of keyboards are not as fast or accurate as mechanical keyboards. Most gamers will not notice a major difference though. Until you become more experienced with gaming, the biggest difference you will notice is the feel.

Mechanical gaming keyboards

Look, I am just going to cut straight to the point. If you are looking to buy a gaming keyboard, getting a mechanical keyboard is well worth it. If you get confused as to which one to buy, take a look at our article regarding mechanical keyboard switches.

If you are wondering how a mechanical keyboard works, let me explain. You can think of the principals of a light switch. When you press down on the mechanical switch, you are pressing a physical switch. Once the switch activates, it tells your PC what just happened; basically, a signal is sent to the PC.

The impact of changing to a mechanical keyboard from a normal one is far more noticeable than if you switched from a normal non-gaming one to a normal gaming keyboard. A mechanical keyboard gives you better responsiveness, speed, and accuracy.

Now, once you have made the switch to a mechanical keyboard, you will start to develop a preference for a certain switch. A switch can also have a massive impact on your playstyle and skills. Each switch has its own pros and cons. Again, we have written an entire article about this, and I suggest you give it a read after this article. It will definitely help you make an informed decision.

What’s more important, gaming mouse or keyboard?

What happens a lot of the time is, when people start to upgrade their peripherals, they can only do it bit by bit. So, the question becomes, “what will have the biggest impact first?”

In terms of impact, a gaming mouse does more heavy lifting than a gaming keyboard. So, I would say that the mouse is more important than the keyboard. Having a good quality mouse can be the difference in a clutch situation. If you can upgrade one peripheral at a time, get the mouse first.

A clutch is where your whole team depends on you to win the match in a situation where the odds are against you. Win in this situation, and it is called a clutch.

A gaming mouse, apart from having extra buttons, has a lot more features than a regular mouse. One of the biggest features is the sensor. A good gaming mouse will have an optical sensor that has better tracking, allows for a better DPI, and has better responsiveness.

DPI on a mouse stands for “dots per inch.” It refers to how much your mouse cursor moves on the screen relative to how much you move the physical mouse. A higher DPI means your cursor moves more while you physically move it less.

I decided that to help you make a decision, I will mention two different gaming mouse’s in two different price ranges. I have personal experience with these, and I highly recommend them.

  • The first mouse is one of my personal favorites, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB. The mouse has a shopping 18,000 DPI and an optical sensor for precision and, of course, some RGB goodness. It also has 7 fully programmable buttons so you can make it truly your own. It retails on Amazon for $59.99.
  • The Glorious Model O gaming mouse is making a serious name for itself in the gaming world. The mouse is best known for its lightweight body and simplistic yet stylish look. Seriously, this mouse is ultra-lightweight, which makes long gaming sessions feel more comfortable. It also has all the features to make it a superb choice for a gaming mouse. The mouse retails on Amazon for $88.


Phew, this article was a lot more in-depth than I anticipated when I first started writing it. All the recommendations in the article come from my first-hand experience.

Buying a gaming keyboard shouldn’t be something that requires a lot of research, but it does. As games are evolving and becoming more of a sport, gamers are wanting to have better setups, even if gaming is just a hobby.

To the point of this article: Yes, gaming keyboards are generally faster than non-gaming keyboards.

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