This Is Why Gaming Keyboards Have Tall Keys

We have written a few articles on gaming keyboards, so you might be wondering why we decided to write another one. For a PC gamer, your keyboard is one of the most important components, and we actually get a lot of questions regarding keyboards. The question that we will answer in this article is, why do they have tall keys?

There are a few reasons why gaming keyboards have tall keys, and these include feedback, accuracy, comfort, and it actually prevents you from pressing the wrong key most of the time. All of this makes mechanical keyboards the best type of keyboard for gaming and also for work.

If you are reading this article because you think it is time for you to change up your keyboard, then I recommend that you keep reading because we will take an in-depth look at why gaming keyboards have tall keys. Also, in this article, you will discover the importance of mechanical keyboards for gaming.

Here’s Why Mechanical Keyboards Have Tall Keys

At the beginning of this article, we spoke a little bit about why gaming keyboards have tall keys, and that is all great and everything. However, as we always do here at Never Press Pause, we like to go into detail. This normally helps to shape our understanding, and it also prevents us from having more questions than answers.

So, here is a list of reasons why gaming keyboards have tall keys. This is aimed at gaming reasons rather than just general reasons.

  • Allows for precision
  • Helps you prevent pressing the wrong button in-game
  • Allows for better feedback

Now I think it would be best if we take a quick look at each of these reasons and explain them in a way that might actually convince you that buying a mechanical gaming keyboard is worth it. Also, it is so that we better understand the topic.

Better Precision

When we say “better precision,” what we mean is the control you have over your in-game character. With a tall key, you can better control your character, and it becomes easier to make precise movements. It also helps you dictate the speed at which your character moves.

That is just a short example, but it is probably the best one. To understand this, let’s look at a normal membrane keyboard. On a membrane keyboard with normal flat keys, you can’t really control your character’s pace or precision in a game.

Helps Prevent You From Pressing The Wrong Key

Now, I know that your first thought will probably go along the lines of games are so fast; how does it prevent me from pressing the wrong key? Well, you must understand how fast your reactions are. Trust me; they are a lot faster than you might think.

For me, personally, playing on a mechanical keyboard with tall keys has helped prevent a lot of wrong key presses. What happens is the minute I start pressing down before I actually hit the actuation point, my reactions are so fast that I can often stop myself from pressing the key down to the point where it actuates.

I am not a person with the fastest reflexes in the world. In fact, I am pretty average, and trust me; the average person has fast enough reflexes to pull their hands off the key before it reaches the actuation point. At least most of the time but not all of the time.

Better Feedback

When it comes to feedback, I want you to quickly think about playing games with a controller. There is a reason why they have vibration and, more recently, haptic feedback with a PS5 controller. It is because it actually helps you when you are playing games.

Feedback also helps games feel more immersive, and we need to understand that a keyboard can’t really have things like vibration and haptic feedback yet. The next best thing is to have tall keys in mechanical keyboards to make everything have better feedback and feel more immersive.

What Is So Special About A Gaming Keyboard with tall keys?

This is a great question, and there are several benefits to having a gaming keyboard for gaming and work, but we will get into that later. For now, let’s talk about what is so special about a gaming keyboard in general.

Gaming keyboards are often built with premium quality materials. They are also built in a specific way that is best suited to accommodating a gamer’s needs. It is actually a lot more suited towards gaming than a normal keyboard.

Again, I should refer you to this article that we previously wrote about mechanical keyboards because I always instantly think mechanical when I think of a gaming keyboard,.

Mechanical Keyboards With Tall Keys Are Good For Office Work

So, you might find that many office workers, especially those who do a lot of typing on the keyboard, will often have gaming keyboards. It doesn’t just mean that they are gamers who take their own peripherals to work; no, having tall mechanical keys is better for typing.

Think about all the old typewriters that were around before typing on a PC was a thing. There was a reason why the keys weren’t flat and while it did have a lot to do with the construction and the design of the typewriters, having those tall keys is better for typing. Again, it also has to do with feedback.

Will Tall Keys Make You A Better Gamer?

I know I have a habit of always saying, “no, certain things won’t make you a better gamer, you need to practice, and you need to train,” but here, my answer might be a little bit different. I have taken the time to rethink my position on the “will it make me better” question. So,  let’s take a look.

Mechanical keyboards have tall keys, so I think this question should be, “will a mechanical keyboard with tall keys make you a better gamer?” My answer to that is, tall keys will make getting better in games easier for you.

Do Non-Gaming Keyboards Have Tall Keys?

I think a more accurate way to phrase this would be “do membrane keyboards have tall keys” because a membrane keyboard can be a gaming keyboard, but they work a lot differently from mechanical keyboards. In fact, we have written a full article about that which we have already linked to in this article. So, we will not go into too much detail.

A membrane keyboard with tall or short keys won’t make much difference because a membrane keyboard doesn’t have an actuation point, which means you will have to press the key flat down for it to register. So no, most non-gaming keyboards do not have tall keys. Actually, the shorter the keys, the easier it is and quicker it is for that key to reach the membrane.


We have reached the end of yet another article regarding keyboards. I think I want to close off this article by saying that whether you are using a mechanical keyboard with tall keys or using a membrane keyboard, the best way to get good at gaming is to spend your time training and watching tutorials from professional gamers.

Feel free to take a look at some of the other articles we have written regarding keyboards, one of which we have actually linked to in this article. Hopefully, if you are trying to decide, we can help you make the right one.

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